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This ground-breaking item provides unparalleled versatility and dependability, offering a superior viewing experience.

The Philips MSD Platinum 300SFlex provides the best illumination performance. With a 6,000-hour lamp life, you may benefit from continuous illumination for a very long time. The international standard DMX512 control mechanism, which enables smooth interaction with your existing system, gives you complete control over your lighting configuration. This fixture offers countless options, from the exact beam angles ranging from 2° to 40° to the bright CMY color mixing system.

With the HERA, up your lighting game right now and unleash your creativity.

Hera Specs


  • Light Source: Philips MSD Platinum 300SFlex
  • Lamp Life: 6.000 Hours
  • Control Method: 23 (Lite)/28 (Standard) 2 Channel Control Modes
  • Control: International Standard DMX512
  • Beam Angle: Beam: 2°- 40°


  • CMY Color Mixing
  • Color Temperature: 8000K±200K
  • 3 Color Wheels, 12 Colors Total + Open


  • 1 Fixed Gobo Wheel: 10 Gobo’s + Open. Gobo Diameter: 6.5MM
  • 1 Rotating Gobo Wheel: 7 Gobo’s + Open. Gobo Diameter: 12.5MM


  • Input Voltage: 110V~240V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Rated Power: 500W @ 230V


  • CRI: 76
  • Prism: 6- Facet Linear Prism and 8-Facet Prism, Bi-directional Rotation From Slow To Fast
  • Frost: 1 Single-sided Hightransmission Lens
  • Focus: Linear Focus Via DMX
  • Strobe: 0-15 Times Per Second Highspeed Strobe
  • Dimming: 0-100% Linear Dimming
  • Pan: 540° Tilt: 270°. Auto Return Function
  • Cooling system: 9 Cooling Fans. Auto & Silent Cooling Mode
  • Zoom from 2° to 40°
  • Housing: Aluminium, High Temperature/UV Resistant Engineering Plastic
  • Indoor Use Only: IP20


  • Fixture: 363 x 241 x 597 MM
  • Nett Weight: 25KG
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