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Unleash the power of Boreas, a revolutionary lighting solution that redefines brilliance. With its advanced 380W white LED, Boreas delivers a staggering 8790 lumens, casting a mesmerizing 93000 lux at 5m. Control is at your fingertips with remote DMX on/off, and the switching mode power supply ensures efficiency. The optical system provides a dynamic beam angle range from 4° to 48°, complemented by smooth Pan and Tilt movements. Dive into a world of color with linear CMY, a 9+open color wheel, and captivating gobo effects. Boreas, with its 30 DMX channels and intelligent features, is the epitome of versatile, powerful, and precise lighting for unforgettable events.

Strong Beam 3* and Spot 48* effect

Versatile and flexible


Boreas Specs


  • Light source: Advanced 380W white LED.
  • LED life: 60,000 hours.
  • Luminous Flux: 8790 lumens, 93000 lux at 5m.
  • Control: Remote on/off via DMX.
  • Ballast: Switching mode power supply.

Optical System

  • Beam angle: 4° to 48°.
  • Pan: 540° in 3.9 seconds, Tilt: 265° in 2.4 seconds.
  • 16-bit resolution.
  • Auto repositioning.


  • Linear CMY.
  • Color wheel: 9 colors.
  • Fixed gobo wheel: 13+1 gobos.
  • Rotating gobo wheel: 8+1 gobos.
  • Motorized focus.
  • Various color and gobo effects.


  • DMX channels: 30.
  • Rotating 2 facets prism.
  • Frost feature.
  • Beam from 4° to 48°.
  • RDM function for DMX address, display flip, X/Y Reverse, etc.
  • Software upgrade via DMX or USB.
  • Hibernation when lost DMX for a preset time.
  • Temperature info indication for base and LED.
  • Fan speed auto change according to temperature.


  • 2.4-inch LCD display.
  • Auto lock and flip.


  • Max power consumption: 520W.
  • Powercon in, 3+5 pins DMX.
  • Power supply: Electronic auto-ranging.
  • Input voltage range: 100–240V, 50-60Hz.
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